Pool maintenance is probably low on your current list of to-dos. But when you’ve invested in a backyard pool, you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest.

Seasonal pool maintenance not only preserves the life of your pool but it enhances your swimming experience. Curious? Here’s a simple breakdown of how seasonal pool maintenance improves your swim.

Prepping Your Pool for Summer

Experts in seasonal pool maintenance can help you prep your pool for the start of the swim season. Many pool owners think of opening their pool when summer begins. 

For the best results, you should actually begin balancing your pool water in spring. The process of balancing the pool water can take time.

Cooler spring weather prevents algae growth. Waiting until June or July for your seasonal pool maintenance increases the risk of algae growth. Warmer temperatures are a literal “hot-bed” for algae growth. 

Hiring a professional to de-winterize your pool is essential. Experts have experience with:

  • Choosing the right pool cleaners
  • Adding start-up pool chemicals
  • Starting and reassembling your pool filters
  • Removing winterization covers and plugs
  • Reinstalling fun features like slides

Pool filter cleaning is another important service that professionals offer during pool-opening maintenance.

You can choose which services you want to be done for your pool. Power washing, balancing of the water chemistry, and pump inspections are all standard.

Proper pool maintenance at the start of the swimming season means you have a refreshing, clean, and functional pool to enjoy all summer long.

Neglecting this important seasonal pool maintenance could leave you with sudden repairs or unwelcome algae growth mid-summer when you most want to be swimming.

Winterizing Your Pool

As with opening your pool, the best time to winterize is when the warm weather cools off. Late summer/early fall is best to begin winterizing, so that warm weather doesn’t cause algae growth.

Just be sure not to wait too long. Freezing temperatures can creep up unexpectedly and make winterizing your pool more difficult.

The basics of winter pool maintenance typically include:

  • Draining the water
  • Winterizing the filtration system
  • Blowing out all plumbing lines
  • Adding necessary chemicals to remaining winter-level water
  • Installing a cover
  • Removing pool accessories such as ladders, diving boards, lights, basketball hoops, etc.

If you live in an area that sees severe winter weather, seasonal pool maintenance is essential. It preserves the quality of your pool and pool equipment.

The last thing you need is expensive repairs caused by freezing temperatures. Damage to your drainage system can also occur without proper winterizing. 

Enjoy your pool at its best during the summer by taking care of it in the winter. 

Schedule Your Seasonal Pool Maintenance 

Regular pool maintenance is the best way to enjoy the return on your pool investment. If your pool needs professional maintenance or repairs, contact us today.

Our team of experienced pool professionals is here to answer your questions and provide you with the best pool care possible.