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Serving the Katy and Greater Houston area since 2008, you can count on our licensed professionals to provide pool cleaning, repair, maintenance and automation for your pool and spa, year-round.

Serving Katy and the Greater Houston Area Since 2008.

From basic pool maintenance to full-service plans, we are honored to be a family owned and operated company serving the Katy community. Built from the ground up, we began our business in 2008 servicing two pools and have since grown to service more than 200 pools and spas. Our customers are offered a satisfaction guarantee on continuous services, so call us today. We also offer our services in Houston, Alief, Bellaire, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Stafford, Richmond, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Fresno, and Pearland. We look forward to meeting you!

Why It Really Does Pay To Hire A Professional Pool Cleaning Service

In our busy lives, there are DIY projects that are simply not worth even taking on. For instance, maintaining your own pool could sound like a great idea but in reality, will likely set you back a whole lot more in the long run.

Pool maintenance really is not a time for taking cheap shortcuts.

Your only option should be to find a great professional pool cleaning service. In fact, here are 5 excellent advantages to choosing to hire a cleaning company to keep your pool in good shape.

1. Ensures The Right Chemical Balance

When you are planning to enjoy a pleasant dip in your pool you really don’t want to find that bacteria and algae are already doing a few lengths themselves. You need to make sure the right chemical balances are in place to avoid such a nasty situation.

We’re sad to say that this is not an easy feat.

The task of balancing pool cleaning chemicals is not a simple one and hence the reason why it is best to leave it to the professionals. When you hire a professional cleaning service you can wave goodbye to the thought of sharing your home pool with unwanted visitors.

2. Protects Your Home Investment

The value of a home goes up when a well-maintained pool is part of the property. To ensure that the investment is protected you need to make sure the pool is well cared for.

All of the pool parts and the equipment need to be inspected regularly to identify any signs of premature deterioration. More detailed inspections need to be carried out on equipment such as the pump drains.

A person or team that is experienced in pool maintenance will be in the best position to identify issues.

3. Keeps Money In Your Bank

You could, quite literally, save yourself thousands when you decide to go down the professional cleaning service route. This is because problems can be identified before they become big.

This means that instead of dealing with a costly fix you are only dealing with a small issue.

A great pool cleaning service will already have the right chemicals and equipment to care for your pool. Hence there is no need for you to worry about purchasing expensive pool maintenance products.

4. Doesn’t Eat Into Your Free Time

When you want to thoroughly clean your pool you need to do a whole lot more than use a net to grab a few leaves. Indeed, all of the walls and surfaces need to be correctly cleaned and this can take a long time. There is also the need to learn how to inspect all of the equipment.

When you hire a professional team you save yourself time and hassle.

5. Keeps Your Pool Maintenance On Schedule

One of the key things about maintaining your pool is not to miss a cleaning or chemical balance, otherwise, your pool feels the effects.

You can end up with leaks or damage that has not been identified early on. Bacteria can also grow and cause more issues.

You can keep your pool maintenance on schedule by hiring a professional team.

Get Yourself Into The Diary Of A Pool Cleaning Service Today

If your home pool is due for a cleaning, today is the day to get it sorted. You will be glad that you made the call.

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