There are more than 10 million residential swimming pools across America. These offer people the perfect place to relax, exercise, and cool off during the summer. 

That said, getting a pool is a serious investment. In fact, the average cost of installing a pool is $50,000 so you need to look after yours properly. That way it will stand the test of time.

In that case, you need need to understand how to manage your pool maintenance. Read on to learn more about pool cleaning!

Pool Cleaning and Circulation 

Circulating the water around your pool is an essential part of swimming pool maintenance. This makes it difficult for things like algae and mold to grow on the water.

This is why you need to run your pool’s pump for at least 10 hours every day.

Your pump runs the water in your pool through the filters. These catch debris and dirt in the water so pool filter cleaning is another job to add to the list. Pool filters are fairly hardy but you should replace yours every year or so if they are going to clean efficiently.

Using Pool Cleaners

It’s a good idea to invest in a pool maintenance kit. This should include cleaning brushes and skimmer nets. You might also want to set aside some sponges for cleaning the surface line of your pool.

Getting a manual or automatic pool vacuum makes cleaning your pool regularly much easier. You can set this running every couple of days to get rid of any debris in your pool.

Pool Maintenance and Water Chemistry

Getting rid of dirt and debris from your pool can only keep it so clean. As it is a large body of water, it is the perfect breeding ground for algae, mold, and other dangerous bacteria.

Fortunately, pool cleaning chemicals are very effective at stopping this and keeping the water in your pool safe to use. In general, you need:

  • pH levels to be between 7.4 and 7.6
  • Alkaline levels to be between 80 and 120 ppm
  • Sanitizer levels to suit the size of your pool

You should regularly test the chemical levels in your pool to make sure that they’re safe to use. Simple test kits only take a few minutes, so it’s a good idea to store a few of these with your maintenance kit.

Shocking Your Pool

If a lot of people have used your pool, you might need to use stronger chemicals to decontaminate it afterward. This is also known as shocking your pool and this is something that pool maintenance companies can help with.

No one should use your pool for at least 8 hours after you shock it. So it is best to do this in the evening and letting the pool sit overnight. You can also check the chlorine levels of your pool to ensure it is safe to swim in.

Get on Top of Your Pool Maintenance Today

When it comes to pool cleaning there are plenty of things you need to keep in mind. And there’s no need to start Googling ‘pool maintenance near me’! For more help getting your pool in shape, get in touch today for a free quote!