America is a nation of swimmers. That might be one reason more than 10 million American homes have their own private pool. 

It’s no fun to swim in a pool that’s dirty. But keeping a pool clean throughout the summer can be difficult. When lots of people are piling in and out of the water, all kinds of disruption are happening in that water and you need to stay on top of things. 

Wondering how to keep your pool clean throughout the warmer months? Read on for some key summer pool cleaning tips and ideas for your summer pool maintenance.

Skim it Daily

Every day, all kinds of debris will get into your pool. If you have an outdoor pool, you’ll find leaves, dead bugs, and all kinds of other outdoor goodies in the water. Even if your pool is inside, you’re sure to find floating debris.

It’s vital that you carry out a basic skim at least once a day. Twice a day might be more appropriate if your pool sees a lot of use. 

If you don’t skim regularly, that debris will eventually sink down to the bottom of your pool. It will get into the filters and potentially cause a health hazard. 

Remember, you can reduce the amount of debris falling in your pool by pulling the covers across when it’s not in use. 

Monitor the Chemical Balance

Your pool should be chlorinated to keep the water clean. And proper chlorination requires a finely-tuned chemical balance to remain stable. You need to test your water regularly to ensure the chemicals are kept in the correct balance. 

You’ll need to take a sample of water and use a testing kit to monitor water levels. This should be a fairly simple process, as long as you follow the instructions in your testing kit. But if you notice a problem, you’ll need to work quickly to change the chemical balance. 

Failure to do so could result in health issues or even damage to your equipment. 

Hire a Maintenance Service

Keeping your pool clean is a lot of work. For the average person, it’s almost impossible to keep it properly maintained when it’s seeing lots of use, especially if you have plenty of other housework you need to do. 

A good maintenance company can service your pool regularly. They’ll take care of regular cleaning, as well as going deeper into your filters. 

Specialist equipment allows maintenance companies to clean your pool in ways you can’t. They can blast off scum that might not come off with a regular scrub and get well into your filters to give them a thorough clean. 

Let Us Show You How to Keep Your Pool Clean!

We hope this short article has taught you how to keep your pool clean. But why do it yourself?

As already mentioned, keeping a pool clean takes time and effort. It’s much better to save time and effort by hiring a professional pool cleaning company to do the job for you.  

From monitoring chemical levels to scrubbing the floor, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and get a free quote for top-class pool cleaning services.