Did you know that you can actually get a swimming-related illness? This can happen if you swim in water that is not properly maintained or cleaned.

As a pool owner, you want to make sure you either hire pool cleaners or do the pool cleaning yourself to make sure your pool is safe.

Here are 5 pool cleaning mistakes to avoid.

1. Forgetting to Test the Pool

When you have a pool, one of your responsibilities is to test the pool water. This is because you need to know how to treat the water, what chemicals you need, and if you need to add any at the moment.

The chemical balance can easily be thrown off, so checking it constantly is the best way to ensure that your pool chemicals levels are balanced and the pool can be used.

2. Letting Water Escape From the Pool

Pool owners need to keep an eye on the level of the water in their pool to ensure everything is going smoothly. 

If the water level is going down, something is usually wrong. Not only that, but if the water does get too low, the water won’t fill the skimmer which means the pool pump can lose its prime.

If you notice that your pool tends to lose water over time, you should fill it a bit higher than usual so you know you are avoiding the problems that could happen if it gets too low.

3. Failing to Prepare for Winter

If you live in a place that gets cold during winter, you have to make sure you have the right pool equipment to prepare.

To do this, you should check your pool as the weather starts to change to make sure everything is in place and working correctly. You should also have a freeze protection device to control the pool to turn it on or off depending on the temperatures.

Working with a professional to help you prepare for winter is always a good idea.

4. Not Cleaning the Pool Properly

Pools can be a lot of work, and sometimes you may want to skip the pool cleaning. However, doing that can actually make swimming in the pool unsafe. 

It is crucial to keep your pool clean in order to make sure the chlorine is killing any harmful bacteria or viruses that can grow in the water if it is not clean.

No one should swim in the pool if there is excessive debris, algae, or cloudy water.

5. Forgetting About the Baskets and Filter

When you clean your pool, you have to remember to clean the baskets and the filter. You want to remove the debris so that it doesn’t have to work harder to keep the pool clean. Doing a pool filter cleaning whenever you test the water is a good idea.

If it goes into overdrive, it could end up breaking, which would be a costly repair.

Avoid These Pool Cleaning Mistakes

As a pool owner, it’s important to avoid these pool cleaning mistakes. You want to make sure you are constantly testing the pool’s water as well as cleaning it regularly.

Since it can be difficult to keep up with the maintenance, it may be best for you to work with a pool cleaning service. You can request a quote from Aqua Premier Pool Services to ensure you have the proper pool maintenance!