Pool & Spa Maintenance Plans

Let us customize a maintenance plan to meet all your needs, from the most basic upkeep to a full-service plan that leaves you with a sparkling clean pool all year long. We provide weekly full-service plans, bi-weekly and even monthly services. Weekly maintenance rates begin at $200.00 and are based on technicians spending an average of 15-30 minutes per pool. This price point can vary, depending on the pool size, season and usage of the pool.

We take great care testing the water chemistry, brushing the perimeter tile, walls and steps. We clear debris from the surface and bottom of the pool, empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets and pool cleaner bag, as well as check filter pressure, backwash filters when needed, water level and pump function.

Aqua Premier Pool Services also offers algae removal and prevention services. We can clean up your pool and remove the algae, then treat the water to restore its proper chemistry, which is key to preventing algae growth. It’s important to note that some types of algae are resistant to the traditional chemicals used to balance water, so stronger treatments may be required. Prices can vary, so schedule a quote to receive your individual pricing

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