There are roughly 10.4 million residential pools in the United States. Pools are a great way to enhance your summer fun for your family and friends. However, no one wants to swim around in a dirty pool.

Keeping a pool clean can be a hassle if you don’t have a good swimming pool maintenance schedule in place. Read on to find five pool cleaning tips that every pool owner needs to know!

1. Keep Water Levels Balanced

Water levels are an important factor when trying to clean your pool. When water levels fluctuate too often it can throw off the chemical balance in your pool. Be sure that you are keeping your waters at the appropriate level and on a consistent basis.

2. Balancing Your Chemicals

Each pool may require different levels of chemicals based on size. It’s important for you to know the correct amount of chemicals to keep in your pool.

When you maintain the proper balance of chemicals you keep the pH of the water where it needs to be. This is essential for chlorine to work. Chlorine kills bacteria and germs while fighting off algae. 

Beyond cleanliness, if you have too many chemicals in your pool you can cause serious irritation to your skin and eyes. Imbalanced pool water also leads to the corrosion of pool equipment.

3. Shocking Your Pool

“Shocking” your pool is a term used that refers to increasing the number of chemicals in your pool for a short period of time. This is done to kill off germs and bacteria when necessary. Doing this may be hard on your pool equipment so you should only do so a few times per summer season.

4. Daily Skimming

It should become a daily habit to skim the debris that has collected on the top of the water in your pool. Leaves, bugs, grass, and other outdoor unpleasantries build up on the top of your water and eventually sink. When leaves or other debris sink to the bottom, it will likely require scrubbing to get clean.

If you are skimming daily, you won’t have such an intense clean later on. You should scrub your walls every other week at least. In addition, you’ll need to vacuum once a week. Hiring a pool cleaner can help you better manage the cleanliness of your pool. 

5. Schedule a Maintenance Visit

It’s important to schedule a pool maintenance visit at least once a year. This can help you identify any issues before they become detrimental to the life of your pool. An expert can offer you filter cleaning, pressure washing, draining, and other maintenance services that are essential to maintaining the quality of your pool.

Pool Cleaning Tips

You’re on your way to enjoying that sparkling water and dipping your toes in the pool. Nothing says relaxation or fun like a glistening clean pool for your friends and family. Remember that owning a pool takes work if you want the best out of it!

Need help maintaining your pool? Contact us today to get help from a professional!