Ever feel like maintaining a pool is a full-time job? And if you miss a few days or weeks your pool suddenly becomes cloudy, green, or polluted with debris. The good news is that you can make your pool water blue again!

This guide has a few tips on how to make pool water blue. Keeping a swimming pool pristine can be easy – just keep reading!

Why Is the Pool Green?

For those of you that want to know how and why your pool turns green, keep reading. For those that only want a solution, skip to step one.

The pool water is green because there are live algae in your pool. This happens to commercial and residential pools. Algae grow when the pool doesn’t have enough chlorine. Sunlight can increase the risk of developing algae.

Your pool may also be green if the filter is broken or if the water has an improper chemical balance.

Step One: Shock the Water

Start to change pool color by using shocking tablets. The shock solution has chlorine which kills algae. Follow instructions on the package to determine how many tablets to use and how many days to use them (it’s usually about 3-4 days).

Step 2: Remove Algae

Once you’ve killed the algae, you can get rid of it by vacuuming the pool water. You should be able to see the dead algae floating on the top of the water.

If you don’t want to vacuum, you can use flocculants. Flocculants cause sediment to settle at the bottom of the pool but they can cause the water to turn cloudy. You can then use clarifiers to reduce cloudiness. 

If you follow these two steps and the water is still green or cloudy, consider hiring a professional pool cleaner.

Step 3: Prevent Algae From Returning

Part of irregular swimming pool maintenance is preventing algae from coming back. There are a few ways to do this, starting with re-chlorination.

Then, you can use an algaecide to keep algae from growing back. Keep the chemicals in your pool balanced by using a test kit and adding counter chemicals when necessary. Be sure to store all your pool chemicals in a cool environment. Impure chemicals can cause the water to be cloudy.

If the water is still green or cloudy, you can try shocking again or you can reach out to a pool cleaning service for help. 

How to Make Pool Water Blue

Stop sitting around wondering how to make pool water blue and start taking action! Now you have the steps and tools to transform your green, cloudy pool to a clear blue water pool.

Remember to follow regular maintenance guidelines and use a test kit before swimming in your pool. If you have questions or need advice about blue water pools, contact us at Aqua Premier Pool Services. We can help you get rid of algae, repair broken equipment, and clean the pool filter!