Few things beat jumping into the cool, clear blue water of a swimming pool during the hot months. But if the water isn’t so clear but rather slimy, green, and congested with wreckage, you’d be better off sweating it out.

Besides, maintaining a pool crystal clear, balancing the PH, and making it appear like something out of a commercial holiday is no easy task. Thus, your pool cleaning companies must be capable of doing the job perfectly.

This is why it is critical to ask the correct questions before handing over your hard-earned cash to hire pool cleaning services.

Here’s a rundown of the top five questions that you must ask before hiring a pool cleaner.

1. Is Your Cleaning Company Licensed?

No matter how desperate you are, do not let an unlicensed company clean your pool. In case they mess up your pool, it will become difficult for you to hold them liable.

A licensed pool cleaning company has a pool contractor license. A company with this license is allowed to repair equipment in addition to cleaning a pool.

2. How Is Their Customer Service?

The pool cleaning company should make it easy for clients to reach out to them for queries. For instance, they should provide their contact details.

Besides leaving their contact information, they should be available to respond to questions. A company that doesn’t respond promptly to your calls may likely be elusive. It means you cannot contact it in case of an emergency.

3. What Do Its Customers Say About Them?

The best way of getting any insight about a company is through its customers. A pool cleaning company will likely be biased, so you cannot rely on their word entirely.

You can find out about a company by talking to your friends or reading user reviews online. By doing so, you will not only learn everything about a company, but you will also learn about other alternative companies.

4. How Much Is Their Cost?

It is always advisable to minimize costs by not spending too much money. However, spending less does not always translate to good pool cleaning services.

A company may charge you less due to their inexperience of what labor or their equipment cost. Sometimes, they charge little cost due to miscalculations.

5. How Often Will They Come?

Once you know their visiting schedules, you can plan your time accordingly. The cleaners may choose to either visit weekly or monthly.

Even when they come on the set date, they should be punctual. If you have a commercial pool and the cleaning management is late, you will experience losses. After all, which client would want to swim in a filthy pool?

Hire the Best Pool Cleaning Services

Many people get mediocre pool cleaning services due to failure to ask questions. With the above questions, you will choose a good pool cleaning company.

Allow Aqua Premier Pool Services to tailor a maintenance plan to meet all of your requirements, from basic maintenance to a full-service plan. This will ensure you have a super clean pool all year. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly full-service plans.

We check the water chemistry and clean the perimeter tile, steps, and walls with great care. In addition, we provide algae removal and preventative measures.

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