Swimming pool owners pay around $1400 each year to maintain their pools. That number includes pool cleaning, chemical balancing, repairs, and seasonal opening and closing.

You need to stay on top of your pool maintenance so that you don’t end up spending even more on your pool each year. But how do you know when your pool needs maintenance? Keep reading to learn about five signs you need professional pool maintenance.

1. Unusually Cold Water

If you jump in your pool to find the water is unusually cold, it’s a sign that your pool heater isn’t working. Check to make sure that the heater is switched on. If it is, you’re likely going to need a swimming pool maintenance company to help you get to the bottom of the problem.

A faulty power source, a damaged filter, a broken pool pump, or damaged pool valves could all be the culprit of a heater malfunction. A pool maintenance and repair company will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it for you before more damage occurs.

2. Discolored Water

Healthy pool water should be clear and free of any debris. If you notice that your pool has turned green, it means there’s a chemical imbalance. It can be difficult for pool owners to manage the chemical balance of their pool.

Hiring professional pool cleaners is the best way to get your pool water crystal clear again. They’ll balance the pH and chlorine in the pool and perform pool filter cleaning if they notice it’s clogged. Once the issue is resolved, you can set up a weekly pool maintenance schedule to ensure the pool stays chemically balanced.

3. Cracks in Walls

If you start seeing cracks in the walls of your concrete pool, it’s a definite sign you need professional pool maintenance. Even if you think a crack looks minor, over time it can develop into a costly leak.

Small cracks can be sealed, but larger ones may require total pool resurfacing. A concrete pool should be resurfaced every ten to fifteen years. By proactively resurfacing it, you’ll save yourself the hassle of dealing with leaks and possibly worse damage.

4. Broken Lights

You might think a broken light is easy to fix, but not when you factor in pool water. Electricity and water are a dangerous combination, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. A pool maintenance company will find the cause of the broken light and safely fix them for you.

5. Discolored Grout

It’s inevitable that grout in a pool will become discolored. Dirt gets lodged into the grout and eventually causes build-up. There can also be a chemical reaction between the chemicals in the pool water and the grout itself.

Cleaning the grout requires draining the pool and using a chemical to break down the dirt and reverse discoloration. A pool cleaning service will have your grout looking as good as new in no time.

Ready to Hire a Professional Pool Cleaning Service?

Now that you know the five signs to look out for, are you ready to hire a professional pool cleaning service? From discolored water to broken lights, a pool maintenance company can help prevent many issues from becoming big problems.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy pool maintenance company in the Houston area, get a free quote from Aqua Premier Services today! Our team of experts is here for all your pool maintenance needs!