Have you recently invested in a pool, but you aren’t sure how to take part in proper pool maintenance? You are not alone!

There is a lot that goes into pool cleaning, and much of it begins with pool filter cleaning. 

Expert pool cleaners know all about the right way to clean it. You should too! Even if you hire a swimming pool filter cleaner, it’s good to know as much about your pool as possible.

Keep reading to find out how you can keep your pool filter in working order and enjoy your pool all season long. 

What Is a Swimming Pool Filter?

A pool filter is a piece of pool equipment that filters bacteria and dirt particles out of the water you swim in. They easily filter out microorganisms, food particles, insects, and other germs. 

The pool filter’s job is to keep your swimming pool water safe to swim in.  

What Is Pool Maintenance?

Pool maintenance includes several tasks that some pool owners decide to take on themselves. They also delegate them to professional pool cleaners. These tasks include the following. 

  • Testing the water’s Ph balance
  • Skimming the water for bugs and debris
  • Make sure the pump and filter are clean and working
  • Ensuring the water is circulating properly
  • Properly using and storing chemicals
  • Scrubbing and vacuuming the pool walls
  • Clearing the pool deck
  • Hiring professionals for repairs

Each of these tasks is important to maintain a clean and working pool. When pool owners ignore these chores, their pool can become a hazardous feature of their yard. Nobody enjoys swimming in a filthy pool. 

Why Should I Clean My Filter During a Pool Cleaning? 

When you decide to become the pool filter cleaner at your home, you must do regular pool filter cleaning to keep your pool in working order. Pools are an investment that constantly needs cleaning and repairs. 

Without a clean filter, the money that you put into your pool goes down the drain. Swimming pool filters are subject to wear over the summer season. Poor maintenance can lead to filter breakage sooner. 

If a filter goes without regular cleaning, they lose the ability to do their job well. All the debris blocking the filter causes the pool water to become cloudy and filled with gunk the filter should’ve been dealing with. 

An unclean filter can lead to many different problems in other parts of your pool such as the pump, the Ph levels, and unsanitary water

How Often Should I Do Pool Filter Cleaning?

If you are wondering how often should a pool filter be cleaned, the answer is: it depends. There are several different types of pool filters on the market today that require separate levels of maintenance. 

Sand filters, cartridge filters, and DE filters are some of the most common pool cleaning filters. Their manuals should tell you how to clean them. If you are struggling to find that information, look up their model online. 

Save Time With Professional Pool Cleaners

You may save a lot of time and hassle by hiring professional pool cleaners to do your pool filter cleaning. A pool filter cleaning service like Aqua Premier Pool Services knows exactly how to complete your pool maintenance tasks. 

Talk to our expert pool cleaning staff to get a quote for the services we offer. We want to help you keep your swimming pool in its best condition!