True or false?

Summer is ending, so you’re ready to just throw a cover over the pool and say goodbye to it for the next 6 months until Spring comes around.

You don’t have to worry about the pool for the next few months, and you’re ready to cozy up indoors.

FALSE. Your pool may not be used during the Fall and Winter months, but you sure need to keep up with the pool cleaning, even in the colder months.

Not sure what to do for seasonal pool maintenance? We have you covered.

Properly Close It for Winter

When it’s time to close the pool for the season, there’s quite a bit you have to do before covering the pool. You’ll need to take steps to make sure it’s chemically balanced and clean before doing so.

Here’s a list to check off as you close it for winter:

  • Clean off debris from the surface and the bottom of the pool
  • Remove skimmer baskets and any cleaners from the pool
  • Check the chemicals to make sure the pH is balanced
  • Turn off the filter pump
  • Install winterizing plugs

Once you take these steps, you can cover the pool until Spring!

Spring Opening

At this point, you’re probably ready to rip the cover off and jump right into the refreshing pool. Not so fast!

You need to take the following precautions before jumping in:

  • Start filter pump after connecting it
  • Adjust the pH balance in the water
  • Add a chemical shock to get rid of bacteria or algae in the pool
  • Adjust water level 
  • Clean out any debris in the pool

Once you get these steps out of the way, you can enjoy the pool for the months to come!

Summer Cleaning

Once you open your pool back up, you’ll need to clean the pool more often or hire pool cleaning services to keep it clean for you!

So what do you need to do? You’ll want to do the following or have your pool maintenance crew do the following:

  • Remove surface debris as needed
  • Clean skimmer baskets every week 
  • Apply chemicals weekly to keep it balanced
  • Clean the floor and walls of the pool every few days to keep algae from forming
  • Add a shock treatment to the pool every once in a while

Summer cleaning is going to be the most amount of work since this is when the pool is being used and is open to the outdoors. But you’ll be able to swim in it and play in it as much as you want!

Seasonal Pool Maintainence 

As much as you’d want to forget that you need to do seasonal pool maintenance, it’s important to keep your pool in tip-top shape throughout the year.

Since this can be a lot and getting your pool ready for winter pool maintenance may seem out of range for what your task list covers, pool cleaners can get it all done for you!

If that sounds like something you want to do, contact us for your pool cleaning needs!