With a whopping 10.4 million residential swimming pools throughout the United States, it just goes to show how popular taking a dip really is. 

If you fall into this group of homeowners, you’ll know what a blessing it is to own a home with a pool. But it also comes with a ton of responsibility in the form of regular pool cleaning and maintenance. 

If you’re considering building a pool for your home, here are some common cleaning issues you could face — and how to overcome them. 

1. Green, Green Go Away 

Thanks to a build-up of algae, your pool can go from sparkling blue to a slimy green color before you know it. Without regular pool cleaning and chemical balancing, algae build-up is quite a common pool maintenance issue. 

If your pool starts to turn an unwelcome shade of green, this is your sign it’s time for professional pool cleaning.

Or, you can shock your pool with a high dose of chlorine. You want to get your pool pH levels up to 7.2.-7.6 to stave off algae growth. Then, make sure to scrub down your pool with a brush and let your pool filter do the rest.

2. A Clogged Pool Filter

This is an obvious one — if your pool filter clogs up, it’s not going to do a very good job of cleaning your pool. This is probably the most common issue you might face when it comes to pool cleaning. 

What’s more, a clogged pool filter could also increase its power consumption and your energy bills. So, make sure you stick to regular pool filter cleaning and inspection. 

If there’s build-up inside the filter, empty it out, then spray it clean with a hose until it’s completely clear. 

3. Calcium Overgrowth 

This is yet another pool cleaning issue that relates to pH imbalances. Calcium overgrowth happens when there’s a build-up of calcium particles that stick to the inside of your pool, i.e. your pool’s surface material. 

This can lead to a rather unpleasant experience when swimming and can even leave behind small cuts on your feet. If this is the case, make sure to test out your pool’s pH levels. If they need balancing, contact pool cleaning specialists if you need help! 

4. Cloudy Pool Water 

So, your pool isn’t green, but it isn’t as clear and sparkly as it should be. In fact, it looks a little like cloudy, dirty, dishwater. 

This is another common issue that relates to your pool environment. For pools exposed to nature and the elements, this can happen when your pool filter just can’t keep up with the amount of work to keep your pool clear. 

In this case, it’s a good idea to place a pool screen over it. A clogged filter can also contribute to cloudy water as well as pH imbalances.

5. Pool Surface Staining 

No matter how much you clean and scrub the surface of your pool, stains linger behind. This is not always related to cleanliness, but rather an issue with your pool foundation. 

For example, it could have a crack in it, leaking metal into your pool, which stains the surface. You want to call in professional pool cleaners to do an inspection of your pool if this is the case. 

Looking for Professional Pool Cleaning?

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