A recent survey found swimming is the fourth most popular activity in the United States. With so many people swimming, pool care and maintenance are at the top of many minds of people who enjoy this leisure activity. Pool filters act to clean all of the bad stuff out of your pool!

How often is pool filter cleaning necessary? There are several things to consider with pool filters, including timing and water quality. Much also depends on the type of filter at your property. 

Here’s more on how often pool filter cleaning is suitable for your swimming pool.


Many experts suggest you perform pool filter cleaning at least twice yearly. Cleaning your pool filters every few weeks gives you peace of mind knowing the system is working right as you and your family and friends enjoy the warm weather fun. Pool filter cleaning saves on wear and tear. 

As the offseason progresses and fewer people use the pool, you shouldn’t have to use pool cleaners as much. Use a calendar near your pool to remind you when it’s time for a cleaning! Reminders are great cleaning tips. 

When you clean your filter, it’s essential to have a pressure gauge. When it’s more than ten psi and dirt and debris are clogging your filter, it’s time to clean! 

Water Quality 

Each cleaning rids the filters of grit, grime, and any bacteria lurking in your pool. Every year, swimming pool bacteria makes people sick! 

In addition, if dirt, bugs, and even tree debris get into your pool, it’s likely it will soon get into your pool filters. Pool vacuums and other pool cleaners and techniques will eliminate much of the ‘stuff’ in your pool, but pool filters will get all the ‘stuff’ you can’t see. 

It’s essential to check your pool’s water quality regularly as part of your cleaning tips. Your pool professional can help you choose the right testing kit for your pool to make sure you’re getting the best readings. Moreover, pool experts can advise you if you have any questions.  

Types of Pool Filtration Systems

There are several types of filters for pools, including cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth (DE). 

Sand filters are most popular for most homes, while DE filters require more pool maintenance. Most pool installers recommend cartridge filters because of their ease. 

Older pools may require more pool maintenance with your pool filters than newer pools. Sometimes, you should contact a professional to clean your pool filters. People with oversized filters typically need this type of pool care.

Pool Filter Cleaning at Your Home

Pool filter cleaning at your home requires you to know several things as a pool owner. You must consider timing, water quality, and the type of pool filtration system. 

Do you need help with pool maintenance and pool filter cleaning? Look no further than us! Contact us today and let us help you ensure your pool water is clean, healthy, and the perfect backyard attraction.