Summer is here! 

That means it’s hot outside, so more and more homeowners are investing in backyard swimming pools. After all, pools are the perfect way to have fun and keep cool during the heat of the summer months.

The key to keeping your pool clean and looking new for years to come is to understand proper maintenance tips. This is especially true when the seasons change and leaves start to fall, requiring fall pool maintenance to prevent clogs and other types of problems.

Fortunately, this article can help. Here we look at pool maintenance tips that can help save money and reduce frustration so that you can fully enjoy your backyard swimming pool. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Learn How to Clean Your Pool Filter

Let’s start by discussing the importance of keeping your pool filter as clean as possible throughout the year. This is an essential part of caring for the pool’s overall filtration system so that it’s able to operate properly. 

Keep in mind that plenty of things tend to get caught in the pool filter. These items include everything from sand, trash, dead leaves, and anything else that will fit in the opening.

The 2 types of filters are DE filters, which require backwashing, and cartridge filters that you can simply replace as needed.

2. Learn How to Use Pool Chemicals

You can’t simply ignore the chemicals used to maintain your pool and expect everything to be fine. The key is to monitor the pH and chemical levels throughout the year, especially when you experience significant temperature changes.

Keep in mind that cooler air temperatures and lower water levels will require fewer chemicals.

3. Remove Debris

When you own a backyard swimming pool, you can expect plenty of debris to fall into the water. This includes stuff like leaves, branches, and algae that tends to grow and thrive in a swimming pool environment.

The best strategy is to keep a skip net handy to remove unwanted debris as necessary and hire a pool cleaning service to make sure the job is done right.

4. Remove Pool Toys

There’s no reason to leave pool toys in the water throughout the year. So when things cool down, take the time to remove your family’s pool toys, store them where they’ll be safe, and then use your pool vacuum to keep everything in proper order.

5. Cover Your Pool at Night

Heating your swimming pool can get expensive, especially if your family enjoys swimming throughout the year. That’s why you should cover your pool when not in use to reduce your monthly energy bills.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Fall Pool Maintenance

There’s really nothing better than enjoying family time in your backyard swimming pool when things heat up in the summer. Fortunately, this guide to fall pool maintenance will help ensure that your pool is ready for action when you’re ready to dive in.

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