Your swimming pool should be a long-term investment.

The average in-ground pool lifespan is roughly 30 years, but that depends heavily on pool maintenance. If you don’t take proper care of your pool, everything from the filter to the lining will start to break down and require attention.

Today, we’re going to discuss seasonal pool maintenance in Houston. Pool care depends on things like pool filter cleaning, brushing, and testing water chemistry. Develop a good pool maintenance routine and it’ll serve you well for the long haul, so keep reading and let us help you do it the right way.

Year-Round Pool Maintenance in Houston

Having a residential pool in Houston is wonderful because you get to enjoy it nearly all year round. With more use, however, comes more need for regular maintenance to keep it clean and healthy.

Your pool maintenance routine should include skimming the water for bugs and debris every few days. In addition, you should be cleaning out the strainer baskets and filters once per week, soft-brushing the walls to avoid calcium buildup, and maintaining the right chemical levels in the water.

Pool Filter Cleaning Matters

Of particular importance is pool filter cleaning, which you can take care of to a degree by yourself. If you really want to look after your pool, however, you should have a professional do more thorough cleanings to prolong the lifespan of the filter.

Pool filters should be cleaned professionally twice per year. Hire us at Aqua Premier Pool Services to have your filter properly cleaned. In addition to cleaning, we also install replacement cartridges and grids for any pool type or size.

Seasonal Pool Care Tips

Even in Houston, you’ll probably close your pool up for the winter months. When it comes off again, you’ll need to clear debris from the pool and prepare it for regular use. 

Come summertime, pool maintenance will be a weekly necessity. If you don’t have the time to stay on top of a summer cleaning schedule, consider our full-service pool cleaning plan.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service plans depending on how much maintenance you can do yourself. When our technicians clean your pool, they test water chemistry and brush the perimeter, walls, and steps.

They’ll also empty the skimmer and pump baskets, backwash filters as needed, and check the pump function. If necessary, we can also algae removal and prevention services so you’ll never have to worry about growth in your pool.

Into the fall and winter months, the pool typically sees less use. You can slow your maintenance routine down a bit at this point. That said, it’s still important to keep the chemicals balanced and the water clean, so don’t neglect maintenance altogether.

Contact the Best Pool Service in Houston

If you follow this pool maintenance guide, you’ll keep your pool in prime swimming condition all year round. Having a pool can be a lot of work. When you’re having trouble keeping up with pool filter cleaning or balancing chemicals, Aqua Premier Pool Services is here to help.

Contact us today to get a quote for our amazing pool maintenance packages.