Are you a new pool owner? But unsure how to keep it in perfect condition.

If that is the case, this article has all the pool maintenance tips you need for a long-lasting pool!

You are not the only person who once struggled with pool care. There are around 10.4 million private pools in the U.S., and each owner was in the same position as you.

Pool cleaning can be confusing and complicated. However, after reading our guide, you’ll see that it is not rocket science.

So, read on to discover our cleaning tips to keep your pool in great shape!

Inspect and Clean Your Equipment

You wouldn’t clean your dishes with a dirty sponge or cloth. So don’t wash your swimming pool with unclean equipment.

If your equipment is dirty, you are not cleaning the water. And you could make it worse. Therefore, you should inspect supplies every time you use them.

Clean the Surrounding Area

Cleaning the surrounding area is a simple yet effective pool-cleaning tip. And the best part is it requires minimal effort.

Any items around your pool can make their way into the water. If mud, dirt, stones, or branches are nearby, they can all get blown in by the wind or accidentally kicked in.

So, ensure that you sweep around the pool, whether it’s a wooden deck or a concrete patio.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Like your kidneys flush out toxins, your pool filter cleans and purifies your water. As the water passes through the system, it screens dirt, algae, and bacteria. It can also catch bigger items, such as dead bugs and small leaves. 

To ensure that your pool filter works at optimum levels, you should clean it once a month. Regularly cleaning the pool filter will also increase its lifespan.

Before you clean the filter, be sure to turn off the pressure. So you don’t cause any harm to yourself.

Cleaning the Pool

Of course, you must clean the pool, but there are specific steps to take before you get into the action.

It begins by removing the more significant items floating in the water. Using a skimmer, collect any pieces of debris, such as twigs, leaves, or bugs, in your pool. Hopefully, there won’t be much after you keep the surrounding area tidy.

After you brush the walls of your pool, the water will appear cloudy from the bacteria stuck to the floors. 

Now is the time to vacuum the pool. Set the vacuum to “waste” if the water seems overly hazy. If it is a light job, keep it at “filter.”

A small pool should take between 15-20 minutes. A large can take 35-45 minutes.

Take Care of Your Pool Year Round

Since the average January temperature in the mainland U.S. is only 33.2 °F, there is a good chance you won’t swim in winter. And it can be easy to fall out of rhythm with your cleaning responsibilities.

However, most damage inflicted on pools is during that period as people forget to check up on the water.

To prepare your pool for winter, you must begin by giving it a deep clean. And throughout this period, you should check your water to ensure it has a PH level of between 7.2 and 7.9. Otherwise, it could cause your tiles to erode and decay.

If your area is prone to freezing temperatures, antifreeze is a must to prevent your pipes from bursting.

Use Our Pool Maintenance Tips Today

If you are fortunate enough to be a pool owner, you must keep it in great condition. It may seem hard at first, but after reading out pool maintenance tips, you know how it’s done.

However, the best way to keep your pool clean throughout the year is to hire pool cleaners. Not only do you not have to lift a finger, but we will show you more tips for cleaning your pool equipment.

So what are you waiting for?

Call today, or get your free quote for pool care!